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Meet, Samantha Warwick. 

I started making Just Body Butter in 2019. One day I was at home thinking to myself, “What can I do to help improve skin softness and hydration?” My love for super soft skin is what inspired my passion for creating a product that could be used to both moisturize our body and condition our hair. That question led to the birth of my business, “A Touch Of Glory “. It’s a God-given name that was placed in my spirit and I say that with honor and humility. I am the mother of three daughters and a son. We all have different hair textures and I wanted to create a product each of us could use that didn’t contain any alcohol-based ingredients or synthetic additives and chemicals that are known to stunt hair growth and interrupt the hair’s ability to retain moisture. 

My formula works perfectly for many hair types, from the tightest coily strands and looser curl patterns to relaxed and natural states of hair. I believe in using ingredients of the earth in their purest form. I started out making only body butter, which is good for dark spots, eczema, anti-wrinkles, blemishes, dry skin, psoriasis, minor skin burns, and more. Since then, I’ve produced hair butter, hair growth oil, hand cream, face, and lip exfoliate, lip balm, and essential oil candles. The 100% pure Shea and Mango body butters also include essential oils, if requested.”

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